The World Famous
DJ Michael “5000” Watts
The transition from provincial celebrity DJ to renowned record label founder and Owner has been rewarding in more ways than one for Houston, Texas native Michael “5000” Watts. Known primarily for his chopped and screwed Swishahouse remixes, Watts has successfully turned regional mix tape distribution into a record label empire. However, Watts did not get to VIP status overnight. A mountain of diligence and unsurpassed talent catapulted this music icon in the making to mogul standing.

Watts was always musically inclined making his first mixtape in the eighth grade, later paying his deceased mother’s house off at only 20. Watts, having several artists come over record and smoke the place out. Earning his home the legendary name “The Swisha House.” 1993, Watts approached by Walter D and Lester Pace to bring his culture to the hottest radio station in the city 97.9 the box. In 1999, Watts put out his first album “ Day Hell Broke Loose.” Earning him his first distribution deal with Asylum Records. 
2005 brought about a national notoriety for Michael “5000” Watts. His company, Swishahouse, celebrated with the chart-topping victories and Platinum selling releases of Houston hip-hop rookies turned luminaries Mike Jones and Paul Wall. Mike Jones led the way with two Platinum selling singles, “Back Then” and “Still Tippin” and the album Who Is Mike Jones, was certified Platinum June 3, 2005. Paul Wall followed with The People’s Champ which was certified Platinum October 18,2005.
“we worked hard on developing our fan base by releasing a steady stream of independent releases,” says the award- winning founder and DJ. “When we signed our deal with Warner Music Group through Asylum, it was that foundation that allowed Swishahouse to achieve the levels of success we enjoyed through Warner Bros and Atlantic Records.”
Clearly Watts’ foresight to recruit the best players in the industry has helped to curry favor among fans with hit records like Jones’ “Still Tippin’,” “Back Then,” Wall’s “Sittin’ Sideways” and countless guest appearances by the Swishahouse affiliates Slim Thug, Archie Lee and Big Tiger. But it is Watts’ forte as a DJ that set the momentum for Swishahouse as a record label. 
In 2012, Houston recording label Swishahouse was the first hip-hop label — and first label of any music genre — to have its materials archived by Rice University’s Center for Engaged Research and Collaborative Learning (CERCL), part of the Kinder Institute for Urban Research. These materials, which will be housed at the Woodson Research Center Special Collections and University Archives in Rice’s Fondren Library, chronicle the origin and achievements of Swishahouse for future generations of scholars, artists and other interested parties. Also, in 2012 Watts became a member of the Texas Grammy Association.The Texas Chapter has named hip-hop music label SWISHAHOUSE as recipients of its Recording Academy Honors. The Recording Academy Honors was established to celebrate outstanding individuals whose work embodies excellence and integrity and who have improved the environment for the creative community.
After taking control of his own market, Houston, Watts then proceeded to conquer the entire Lone Star state. He quickly moved on to become a household name on the streets of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Next, he spread his signature sound – the Swisha House remix through the world. Aside from running a label and putting out artists Watts was able to work with countless artists such as Eightball & MJG, David Banner, Z-Ro, Lil Wayne, Master P, Lil Jon & East side Boyz, Bone Thugs N Harmony, and UGK just to name a few. 
In 2010, Watts truly slowed it down by marrying his current wife Tammie and having two beautiful girls. Watts says “ I love being a Hubsand & a Father. One of the best gifts in this life I was given.”  Watts  went on to be recognized by  Mayor Sylvester turner with his own day June 07 declared “Dj Michael “5000” Watts Day. Watts continues to be a driving for the music culture not just for Texas but for the world.